Do you really need a Professional to write your CV, after all, no-one knows us better than we know ourselves, right?

Well, a good CV should be personal and reflect the person it is about - but not everyone is able to market themselves well. Not only do you need a creative writer to finesse your document, you need someone who understands how you tick and who can reflect your personality as well as your skills and experience in your CV.

If you are going to employ a professional CV writer, make sure you are given the time to share who you are and what you are passionate about. Use someone who wants to know about you, after all, how can they write about you if they don't 'get you'

5 common mistakes you can make when writing a CV:

1. Being afraid of leaving anything out, so putting everything in!
2. Trying to stand out by over styling your document with pictures, colour and boxes which can throw out the formatting when received the other end!
3. Trying to be humorous or overly casual in your use of language.
4. Not giving enough detail and expecting the reader to know what you do. Yes! It is a fine balance.
5. Jargon! Use plain English so that the reader fully understands your skills and experience and is not left bemused as to what you actually do!



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